Wedding Makeup

Wedding makeup for the bride or groom to be. Come to the Studio or I can come to where you are also.


Wedding Make-up Services at Debora's Beauty Studio

We know that getting makeup and hair looking totally PERFECT every time is not easy – that’s why we’re continuously honing our skills and testing new products and techniques.

We’re endlessly (and gratefully!) receiving from happy clients so we’re confident that what we’re doing works.

You can come to the Studio or I can come to where you are and provide the service too!

Brides choose me because on the most important day of their lives they want to look nothing less than fabulously beautiful and that’s exactly what you’ll get at Debora's Beauty Studio.


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A look inspired by your own personal style. Radiant complexion, gorgeous colours and lightweight textures in all the right places – achieving EXQUISITE RESULTS for your finished look.

A wide variety of makeup and hairstyles available. Whether it’s sultry and smoky, effortlessly chic or more natural laid-back beauty – you’ll always look and feel TOTALLY REFINED.

Unparalleled expertise in corrective and anti-ageing techniques. We have the UNIQUE knowledge and skills to ensure that YOU WILL FEEL AS GOOD AS YOU LOOK – REGARDLESS OF YOUR AGE.

Your beauty captured in the most flattering way. We take awesome portraits too!

Seasonal pricing structure. We offer REDUCED OFF-PEAK PRICES so that as many of you as possible can benefit from our bridal beauty services.

Our services are continuously recommended by past clients as well as industry peers.

Our meticulous skills and friendliest customer service have earned us an industry-wide reputation as one of THE MOST IN-DEMAND BRIDAL BEAUTY TEAMS IN THE UK.