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Hot Wax Treatments & Strip Wax Treatments. Find out more.

We offer a number of Hot Wax Treatments and Strip Wax Treatments at Debora's Beauty Studio.

At Debora's Beauty Studio we use the finest resins, natural ingredients and aromatherapy oils. Our brand of choice is Lycon Wax. Debora chooses Lycon because it delivers superior performance, removing stubborn hair as short as 1mm.

Debora's Hot Wax is a low temperature formula, that removes hair as short as 1mm, it is perfect for sensitive and stubborn hair. It is ideal for intimate and facial waxing. With Debora you can expect more than just a wax - you can expect a nourishing skin treatment.

None of the waxes we use cause redness or irritations.  

Debora has over 10 years experience and will deliver the best possible treatment, making sure you feel comfortable and looked after.

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Current Waxing and Hot Waxing Services

Bikini Area

Waxing using gentle aromatic strips. We offer three different styles including Brazilian, Hollywood, & Strip Bikini waxing.

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Starting from £20.00

Full Leg Waxed

Trimmed, waxed and tweezed.

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Half Legs Waxed

Trimmed, waxed and tweezed.

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