LPG Endermologie

LPG Endermologie is a highly versatile treatment technology that we use to address a wide range of conditions.

£80.00 per treatment, £700 for 12 sessions

About LPG Endermologie

Entirely non-invasive and offering fast treatment times with no downtime or side effects, LPG Endermologie works by stimulating different natural processes in the skin, for example boosting collagen and elastin production for improved skin tightness and laxity, activating the fat cells elimination process for reshaping of the figure and stimulating fatty tissue and blood circulation to reduce cellulite.

Treatments for cellulite remain largely unsuccessful because they only target the appearance of cellulite. Cellulite shows itself as dimpling on the surface of the skin which is sometimes referred to as looking like “orange peel”. It is caused by alterations to fat cells in the subcutaneous fat layer of the skin. As these alterations happen below the surface of the skin, it soon became obvious that to reduce these bumps and ripples would require a deep acting treatment.

Endermologie was the world’s first patented technology to fight cellulite, and was the first cellulite treatment that has been approved by the American Food and Drug Administration. It is a completely non-invasive and non-surgical and is now used all over the world by clinics, who offer this effective treatment in Knightsbridge and London, as well as by plastic and cosmetic surgeons. Endermologie was developed in France by Louis-Paul Guitay in the early 1980’s and was originally used in the treatment of burns to prevent skin contraction, and to loosen scar tissue. During its initial use it was noticed that it improved the appearance of cellulite and became widely used in France and the USA for aesthetic purposes.

Endermologie treats the cutaneous and subcutaneous connective tissue. It targets cellulite by acting on the hypodermic connective tissue, and promotes elimination of the toxins which are present in the affected area. It stimulates cellular exchanges as well as mobilising the 'connective gel' in order to restore its smoothness and fight the 'orange peel' appearance of the skin. It reduces water retention by boosting the lymphatic and venous systems. The roller stimulation also provokes the body to produce collagen, ultimately tightening up the skin and making you look younger. At the epidermic level, Endermologie performs an exfoliation and so eliminates dead skin cells, restoring the skin’s natural radiance.

This is an effective and risk-free treatment for controlling cellulite and reshaping of the body. The results are undeniable. Treatment sessions are usually recommended twice weekly and last for approximately 35 minutes. A course of twelve is recommended.

The £700.00 covers all 12 treatments at my beauty studio or £80.00 per session.

For further information, please visit https://www.endermologie.com/en/endermologie-lpg/

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