Radio Frequency Firming Facial

This treatment uses radio frequency waves to penetrate beneath the skin's surface and active collagen production which leads to skin tightening.


The Radio Frequency Firming Facial

If you’ve reached the time when you feel your skin needs a wake-up call, Radio frequency is a non-invasive, pain-free way to help achieve a more toned, lifted and smooth appearance. Often described as a non-surgical face-lift, Radio frequency delivers heat energy into the skin which stimulates collagen leaving you with a firmer, lifted, tightened complexion.

Before and after photos from radio frequency treatments by Debora

How does radio frequency treatment work?

Harnessing Uni-polar and Bipolar Radio frequency to create a unique dual technology, Radio frequency delivers controlled heat to volumetric tissue in the body at two distinct depths; the Bipolar targets the surface of the skin while the Uni polar penetrates to the inner layer of the skin at the dermis.

Bipolar Radio frequency is effective on thin and delicate skin such as the face, making it suitable to target fine lines and wrinkles. Uni polar Radio frequency helps to improve shaping and firmness by using alternate electromagnetic fields to cause heating and friction in the deeper layers of the skin. The procedure also increases the metabolism and secretion of fat.

Does radio frequency hurt?

No. Even better, the treatment is usually very comfortable, with people often describing the sensation as a “warm massage”, and with zero downtime, you can return to your daily life immediately after the treatment.

“I swear that two nights after my initial treatment, when I emerge from my hot bath my bottom has the nice plump appearance of a baby.” - Marie Claire, June 2008

“...My skin is softer and less lumpy.” - Fitness, June 2008

It is non surgical, non-invasive and requires zero downtime which is the reason why this facial is one of our most sought after and effective for ageing.

Treatment length: 1 hour (average).